Monday, December 20, 2010

Sometimes It's Just Better To Hang Up

CB called today and I was very glad to hear from him but for some reason our phone call just sucked. It was strained and forced and neither of us had much to say.

We quickly talked about my bad week, he cheered me up with promises that it would only get easier from here out and he would be back with me before I knew it but that this is also something I need to get use to (cue me over analyzing and exaggerating the possible meanings of this). I of course told him this is something I could get learn to accept but that this week I just really hated his job and I was entitled to feel this way. He got a good laugh out of that and we changed subjects.

The new subject was no better. I think I made a BIG mistake. I said too much.
I assumed that CB knew Cece was having a party at his place and that she had asked me to go to Costco with her, I was wrong! Very, very, very wrong.
I casually mentioned how big his living room looked with all the furniture moved, to which he was startled about. He started questioning me as to why Cece had moved things around and I told him it was for the party she had, this is where it started to go downhill. 
What party, he asks.
Her end of the semester school party, the one she asked me to take her to Costco for? Remember?
She never told me or asked me if she could have a party, why did she move all my stuff around?
I don't know, to make room for her quests.... You mean she didn't ask you about the party or tell you we were going to Costco?
This is where it gets even worse
Well, she spent 200$ at Costco on food for the party. Way to go Elle, you kept your mouth shut for what? a week? 
I wont bore you with the blow by blow details, but basically he was pissed and said he wouldn't help her with the bills anymore if she could afford to do this. I tried to rationalize with him that she did mention some friends had given her money to buy the food, this didn't seem to phase him.
And finally the epic failure 
I stupidly open my mouth again and I end up with word vomit. Before I knew what I was saying, I'm telling him how she asked me if I would mind her living with us if CB asked me to move in. I told him what I told her, that we hadn't spoken about it yet so her and I couldn't talk about it.
So I guess the point of my story is I made him upset with her somewhat by accident, he now sees her how I do (which is not wrong), I caused shit where I probably shouldn't have. Oy! Please let this blow over.

I am now off to pass out, I spent all day getting my car to the garage and fighting the crowds at 4 malls. I am exhausted!

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