Saturday, September 11, 2010


This will have to be quick as I am not on my own computer!

*Brought the laptop to BestBuy to be FIXED, apparently that translates into - Pay us lots of money or you will only get it back once you've completed this fall semester! Geeksquad, more like ass... I'll stop there.

* CB's bestfriend moved in, spent no quality time with him last weekend, we actually got into a mini fight over it, and he isn't home this weekend

* I wish I could say more

*Almost quit my job in the middle of a shift

*Missed one of my first classes, but really love my forensic psych prof so far

*Mom left for her birthday cruise ... with both my credit and debit card. I have no cash. YAY

I need a hug


  1. Hopefully your experience at BB is better than mine...don't let the self important Geek Squad irritate you!!

  2. Asides from the fact they stole my laptop for 2 1/2 weeks, the very first weeks of school they weren't too bad. Seems like the first thing Geek Squad loves to do is tell you you have a virus! 5 of us were at the counter, 5 of us were told ohh you got yourself a virus, only one of us had one! Oh well new hard drive, new fan thingy and so far so good! I love how your post mentions their ill fitting shirts, it's so true!