Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 1 of 180

Today is the day I've been dreading....Today is the day he left.
 I tried my best not to cry in front of him when we said goodbye and I did pretty well till I sat in my car for a minute. I thought of how cold I might have been in trying to be strong so I, being a little dramatic, jumped back out of my car and ran over to him as he walked to his and told him I needed a better hug. I couldn't hold back my tears this time.

To look at the silver lining if you will I've been telling myself that today is the farthest day away from him being home. Everyday after is one day closer to him coming home.

I took the week off of work to spend with him and it was great. Except...well his best friend moved in about a month ago and she has really made things awkward at times. She got grumpy or something this week and it just got out of hand.

CB and I were looking at potential real estate properties online one night, he wants to start flipping when he gets home, and she freaked out! She thought we were looking to buy a house for ourselves and really didn't like the idea of it. There was a number of other things that took place but this is one of my top two piss offs from her so far.

It took me a minute to figure out why this upset her so much but I did it! CB and her agreed for her to stay with him till she found a job and then found a place. They estimated it would take about as long as he would be away for, 6 months. WRONG. This is not her plan. Her plan is to stay until she is done school. She has no intention of leaving for the next 2 years.

It just didn't make the checklist to come to my conclusion
How did I figure this out you ask? There were a lot of clues...
1. She wanted to get a dog with him
2. She has not picked up a classified add since she got here for a place or for a job
3. She has not written a resume
4. She has refused to find a job that will force her to speak English, it's her second language
5. Way to many to list
6. I caught her come out right and say it!

Now this isn't a huge deal, right? It better not be, but early indicators say it might be. I told CB right off the bat of what I feel her intentions are, he claims he didn't realize it but agrees with me, and that I do worry about how her living with him for the next 2 years may influence our relationship. I only get to see him on weekends when he is home, now on top of that I have to make sure I leave enough time for them to spend together otherwise she gets cranky?
Poor CB stuck in the middle...

Just a quick note on the second thing she did that's eating at me. She had her final dinner with him one night, her plans got canceled on the night him and I were suppose to have our last dinner together so I asked her to join us. It was sushi, nothing fancy, what did I care if she tagged along? That is until CB sat on the side of the table set for one and she sat on the side of the table set for two directly in-front of him. I spent the whole dinner as the 3rd wheel. Thank god it wasn't a romantic dinner...
I realize it's childish and I sucked it up and didn't say a thing and enjoyed our meal just the same, but it still really ticked me off! I feel like she's forcing her self on me, and between us.

Well it's officially the end of day one. 179 more to go.
I've got his hoodie on and Huge-O in bed with me.
I hate not knowing where he is....
Sweet dreams

*What I miss about him most - the way he says "ME!!" when he wants affection, it always makes me smile.

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