Friday, October 15, 2010

2 weeks! New rule!

I realized the other day while I was talking with lil sis that I have to stop being negative. As much as I want to say "Oh My GOD! It's only been 2 weeks!!!!" I need to think " Oh wow, it's already been two weeks!!" Except .....except,except,except I can't help but add "22 more to go" with a sarcastic tone in my head. I want to kick my own ass! I feel like I am self sabotaging. This is no longer aloud! It's officially a rule!

...Oh and as for crying on city buses, that is also no longer allowed and also a rule!

I scared the life out of myself this morning.
I wondered downstairs after waking up to let the dog out and in search of a nice cup of last nights left over coffee. Get the dog out the back door and a mug in the microwave, things are starting off great! I go to check on Pooper and watch him while I wait for the magical *BEEP*your coffee is now reheated *BEEP*. Well as I turned around to walk back to the kitchen I notice what looks to be like a man sitting on the sofa and I screamed! I was so caught off guard I tripped and landed on my ass. Apparently I had left Huge-O downstairs last night and I thought he was a real person. My mom came down laughing at me knowing exactly what had just happened. She told me after we were done laughing he creeped her out a few times last night too as she was moving around the kitchen and living room.
Anyways just in case your wondering, the coffee was wonderful!

CB's game, Medal of Honor? (how bad is that I ordered it, paid for it, opened the box, and I still can't tell you the name of the thing...) came in yesterday! He's going to be super about a month from now lol. I'm getting all the last things together for his care package. Canada post apparently has free shipping from October 18th to January 2nd which is super awesome but I've been warned to expect some issues with them. Apparently they don't understand or like the protocol  I have to follow in order to ship anything to him, they want full information on the box and apparently this usually results with forcing them to make a phone call or taking the parcel somewhere else. Hopefully this is not the case here and it's just an exaggerated story someone decided to tell me.

Mid terms are on Wednesday, I have entered mini panic mode, I expect to hit full panic freak out by about Tuesday afternoon. PLEASE BE MULTIPLE CHOICE!!!!!!

*What I miss about him most - his love for my shoes, I need new boots and hes so supportive of my shoe addiction. He so fun to shop with and I love how we go shopping for me but we end up shopping for him. I could watch him change all day.

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