Monday, October 18, 2010

Facebook Stalker

I need to vent!
I do not understand the need of some girls, okay mainly this one girl, to stalk men, aka my boyfriend, on facebook.
I have never met this girl before and I'm sure she is a very nice girl but she needs to get a life! She is all over his ass and it disgusts me. The second he posts anything she (within like 5 minutes) has a comment posted or has "liked" it. She claims to have a boyfriend yet her nose is so far up CB's ass I find this hard to believe. She knows he has a girlfriend because he says she has asked about me, not that he has responded so again I ask WHY?!?! What satisfaction do you gain from liking everything he does on facebook and having a comment for every single one of his comments?

I seriously feel like e-mailing her, but I wont because I don't feel the need to be super dramatic. But if I did I would say:
"I'm glad you take such interest in CB, he is an awesome guy. But please keep in mind he is with me and your desperate attempts of communicating with him are extremely embarrassing for yourself and annoying for us. I'm sure your boyfriend would greatly appreciate if you spent all the time stalking my boyfriend on facebook perhaps with him instead."

Anyways I cried like a mad woman last night so this afternoon I have decided to list all the reasons why I can enjoy the fact that he is away.
  1. I don't have to shave my legs everyday
  2. I can have coffee as soon as I wake up in the morning, he doesn't have a machine at his pace
  3. I can sleep diagonally in the bed
  4. I can enjoy taking a shower, as appose to waiting for him to give me a turn under the shower head
  5. I don't have to get all dressed up or worry about how I look as much
  6. I don't have to live out of a travel bag 
  7. I have a full choice of clothes every day
  8. My dog can sleep in my bed with me
  9. I get more reading for school done
  10. I get to spend more time with my mom
Off to class, lets hope I don't fall asleep from Mrs. Monotone


  1. Ahh the classic facebook hoochie. FB needs a "hate it" button LOL. Good job for not causing more drama. Very mature!

    I'm new to following your blog. Where is your SO? Deployed?

  2. lol Yes, facebook definitely needs a hate it button!!

    He's over in Afghanistan. Where was yours? I haven't gotten that far into your blog YET! hehe.

  3. ugh - random girls posting on your guys fb is the worst. Definitely went through my share of drama with that (hopefully that's over)... i like the new blog layout! :)

  4. How did you deal with your facebook drama?
    Thanks! I was very actively avoiding studying today and this was one of my distractions.