Thursday, October 21, 2010

Skype - Love it or Leave it?

CB and I just got off  a little Skype date and it was awesome. We've been on a few times in the last couple of days and its amazing. I didn't think I was going to be able to see his face, his smile, his silly faces, just him for months so this is a real treat for me. I can't stop smiling the entire time were on it that my cheeks kill after were done. 

He's like a little kid while we are on, he has to show me everything! "Look this is what I did today" and up pops this huge maze he spent the afternoon drawing. "Oh, and I did this too!!" and up pops a poorly drawn Cartman drawing. The best was 
"Hey, do you wanna see what else I did today?" 
Me: umm...sure
He stands up and shows me this HUGE hole in his pants only to sit back down with a huge grin on his face "I ripped my pants!!!" 
I think he's a little bored... but that makes me happy because it probably means he hasn't done anything yet. Don't get me wrong I don't want him to sit there and be bored, I know he needs his adrenaline fix and all that, but is it that wrong of me to take comfort and hope that he has quiet days?

Now the only draw back to these Skype dates I've found is I MISS HIM MORE when they're over. I crave being in his arms all that much more.

Now as far as my midterms I'm glad they're over! One had the potential of being a real pain in the ass but I think I was pretty well prepared for both of them so now it's just a matter of waiting to see how I actually did. I'm horrible, as soon as I get home from the exams I always end up telling my mom "but I want to know my mark now!!". I'm incredibly impatient with things like that. If I failed I want to know NOW! And If I got a good mark I want to celebrate NOW! 

I got to campus early and went to go sit outside the room to look over my notes before it was time to go in. There was a group I recognized from class so I joined them and we all started talking about the exam. All of a sudden this girl comes out of the class room we're waiting to go into with this completely depressed look on her face. She walks up to the group, she knew one of the other girls, and said she hoped we studied cause the test was hard. So once we realized the class before us was writing the exact same test we started stopping everyone that came out to ask them about it. They all said the same thing and they all looked mindfucked walking out.  Our professor, Mrs. Monotone, is incredibly lazy and gave both classes the exact same exam, she's not too bright. 

Anyways now we wait! 

*What I miss about him most today - laying on the sofa watching Lost and him playing with my toes. 


  1. Your lucky you get skype dates! I've never had the chance to have one with my Marine.

  2. It is lucky, whoever he is with decided to download it onto his computer and CB and I just get to benefit from it. I do worry they will get caught so in that sense I'm happy it's only temporary.