Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tortured Toes!

Somebody please!! Rub my feet! They have gone numb from spending 10 hours in torturous heels thanks to my lovely, lovely job! Asides from that work was great!

I got my first e-mail from CB today! I saw it on my lunch break and I started freaking out! It was just a quick little note but it was awesome cause I didn't think I'd hear from him for the next week or so. It made me laugh. I had e-mailed him first to remind him what my cell number was, I had a feeling he never got around to memorizing it due to speed dial. Well I was right! Apparently I read his mind because he logged in to ask for it but HA I had already sent it. Damn I'm good! lol

I have officially finished day 3 of 180. I really need a calender to start crossing the days off.

I'm sitting here watching this new show Sister wives...Have you seen this crap they call a show?
This new potential wife, Robin?, wont stop crying for nothing! The first wife semi threatened to leave if he marries the new wife but says she wont cause shes too committed.
Anyways all I'm going to say about this is, polygamy is not for me! I'd kill my sister wives. They would not even make it to the title of sister wife, nor would my husband live every long for suggesting it!

177 more days to do!
*What I miss about him most today - his funny shower routine, and how he thinks I can't tell when he's peeing in the shower

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