Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ring Ring Ring goes the phone

I am officially in love with my phone, especially when I see private name and private number.
These are very odd words to come out of my mouth...err typed by my hands... because 2 weeks ago I hated being being on the phone and I never answered private calls. 

Yes, you guessed it! I got a phone call today and what an amazing phone call it was. The others have been awkward a little and this one was just amazing. We laughed, we joked, we flirted, we were us. It was nice. 

I apologized to him for my obsessive amounts of e-mails, he told me I didn't have to stop and that they made him smile. So yay for me! I get to continue with my little habit that somehow gives me comfort. I would have never thought that sending an e-mail would be so therapeutic, even when it's only one line or two. 

I started applying for jobs today... 3 banks, 1 hotel, 1 tanning salon, and 1 retail store. Keeping my fingers crossed for the banks! Wish me luck! Although I would have to go buy grownup clothes if I get the bank job... I only have 1 pair of dress pants, and 1 blazer that's suitable for fall and winter oh and 1 blouse that may not fit anymore...I must confess, with CB away I've obviously been down and have been self medication with snacks...maybe I should apply to a gym!!!!

Off to study more, exams in 1 week!

*What I miss about him most today - EVERYTHING!!!!!!

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