Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jealousy is an ugly green monster!

I kinda got an update about CB today through Cece which is awesome!!! She got to talk to him yesterday after I missed his call because of my stinkin interview. I knew he was going to call while I was there, I told my mom, and he did. 
Well I asked her for an update on him since I hadn't gotten to talk to him and she wouldn't say a damn thing! All I got out of her was "he's good". Then she went on and on about how much she misses him and all that. I sympathized with her and tried to tell her look at how far we've already come and he'll be home before we know it. The only thing that got at me was how she wouldn't answer any of my questions about him. I feel like she's trying to keep everything for her self. 
I understand they have their own relationship and yes she might like to keep certain things between them, that's fine, I get it! But how could she only say "he's good"?!?! How come she can't understand my needs and wants and just dismiss them like I'm not going through this too?
In sticking to my new stay positive outlook I have decided to take away from this situation:
  • He's okay!
  • I'm happy they had such a nice long chat, they deserve it
  • He should be able to have access to the phone again in the next few days hopefully and I can get my own update from him

So speaking of that interview yesterday, what a waste of time!
I waited around for 30 minutes for her to interview me. I understand its retail, you can't always leave your customers but she could've handed them off to the other sales associate who wasn't busy. What really got to me was she couldn't tell me how many hours she was hiring for, what she's able to pay me, and if she was looking for seasonal or permanent.
Clearly to me this means they're paying minimum, it's only for the x-mas season, and they're firing everyone they hire right after. Which is FINE! But just come right out and say it so that if I were to accept the job I could know to keep looking for other things so I'm not screwed come January. I'm in no position to say no to a job, just be honest! I think I might have scared her by being so straightforward and asking those questions because she was really struggling to come up with an answer for me, she just kept talking in circles.
Oh well, off to hand out more resumes. The right job is out there somewhere!

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