Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Other peoples opinions

Why is it that everyone is so quick to give me their take on my situation?
Everyone all of a sudden is a grade A judge on my relationship, deployment, infidelity, and much, much more!

I spent the weekend back in my hometown with friends, which I was so excited to do because it meant 3 days of staying busy and not sitting around my phone and logged into FB waiting for CB to hopefully log on. Everything started off great until we started playing beerpong. I took my sweater off cause I was loosing and the drinks were making me warm. Well everyone saw CB's tags since I wear them 24/7 and this started a conversation about him and I, which was fine at the start. But then of course they all turned into know it alls and started with the whole "You don't even know if he's coming back or when, why would you put yourself through this?" "How do you know he isn't cheating on you over there?" All sorts of questions and comments you don't want to hear period, let alone while you've been drinking. I kind of ignored their questions and excused myself to the bathroom to go cry.

I hate that their questions affected me. I hate that they felt the need to do this to me. Needless to say I couldn't get out of their fast enough and I spent the last night there with different friends.

I haven't spoken to CB in a few days and I'm pretty down about it. I know once I talk to him I'll be able to wash this weekend off of me so to speak.

We're almost at the 4 week mark, it's actually going by faster than I thought it would. YAY :)

*What I miss about him most - sitting with him as he plays video games and teasing him about how bad he is until he puts the controller down to start tickling me


  1. In situations like that I get defensive. I don't let people talk to me like that. YOU know how you feel, they don't. Maybe try explaining it to them. Say "I want this this is why I do it" etc.. It works with my friends. They don't understand, but I don't let their negative comments effect me and I always rebutt to stand up for our relationship.

  2. I've explained it all before, they know how I feel they just don't understand it. To me the issue was they knew I saw coming down to take a vacation away from sitting around and missing him and they couldn't respect that. I don't mind them asking questions or having opinions it's how it all came about. But I do appreciate the advice, thank you.