Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Interview Today

AHHH!!!! I hate interviews.... I hate starting new jobs

Ever since I walked out of my job mid-shift a few weeks ago I have been sending out resumes like crazy, although the lazy way and online, and getting no responses. I was sitting here telling myself you're 24 its time to get a job outside of sales and maybe more customer service orientated since I'm very comfortable and capable at it. So I applied to banks, furniture stores (as receptionists), hotels, you name it anything that wasn't a clothing or shoe store. Well then yesterday rolled around and I started to realize I'm running out of money I need a job ASAP, so I applied to a clothing store at about 12pm yesterday afternoon.... at 2pm they were calling to schedule an interview. Okay so it's incredibly flattering but WHY can't I get a different kind of job?!?!
Oh well they sell awesome clothes and I'm super excited. Sales hours work well with school hours.
Now it's time to cross you're fingers and toes for me!! Lets hope I get it.

A (my girlfriend from school) and I are suppose to meet up today for coffee or wine later tonight and I can't wait! We realized we haven't seen each other in about 6 months! She went home for the summer and ever since she's been back our schedules have not matched up at all. She's the first friend I made since I moved here and I adore her.

We met in our first year psychology class and we always use to go grab a coffee and a cigarette together between classes and just talk. Meeting her was exactly what I needed when I started school. We get along so well and have such an easy time relating to one another. I can not wait to catch up with her. We joked that it's been so long we'd probably end up talking for days to make up for the time lost.

I haven't heard from CB since Sunday :(
I really got spoiled with the way things were before and now I'm reminding myself that he said this would happen and its normal. DO NOT PANIC! I do feel guilty for leaving over the weekend since I missed some good quality chat time with him. But today is all about being positive so I keep reminding myself of how special our next phone call will be because it's no longer an every day occurrence.

I am officially done with being sad and down about him being away. I realize there will be days that are hard but as of right now I am putting on my big girl panties, picking myself up and going back to being the girl he fell in love with. AND THAT'S THAT! watch me turn into a complete emotional mess tomorrow...

Oh and on another quick rant - I got one midterm mark back and I am 0.3% away from an A-.... How the hell do you argue for a 0.3% on a multiple choice exam?!?!?!! Ah well

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