Friday, October 29, 2010

I can't feel my toes!

Freakin winter is just around the corner! I can feel it. Time for snow tires, winter boots, cute scarves and mittens.
I love the first snow fall and it looks like its going to be on Halloween.
My lil sis (really close friend I grew up next door to and is like my little sister) and I went pumpkin picking the other day. We were all excited thinking we were going to go walk around a farm and get to pick our own pumpkins! Well we were very mislead. Turns out yea its on a farm but they've pre-picked all the pumpkins, rolled them around in some mud, over priced them, and then put them at their front entrance for you to chose from. The "sales lady" just hovered over us not saying a word it was really creepy. There was literally a 4 inch gap between her and I at one point. I just kept thinking to myself; yes lady, I'm going to pick that huge ass pumpkin covered in mud, stuff it under my jacket and hope you don't notice!! Come on...
Anyways now its onto carving them hopefully tonight.

My mom bought CB a little Christmas tree to send off to him. We still have to go get him some lights and a stocking and of course stocking stuffers. I am going to force this boy into loving holidays, I swear it. I'm still debating on whether I should send his gift to him or just give him a picture of what it is. I want to get him that thing you add to PS3 to make it like the Wii but I'm just not sure how well it will survive over there.

I wanted to send his Grandma a Christmas card with photos of him but the only ones I have that she doesn't are horrible. He either looks great in one and I look like I'm on drugs or vice versa. I need to find a way to edit them that it doesn't look horrible and I'm not about to buy photoshop and try and figure it our. Any other ideas?? I could always just crop myself out and send his photos...not a bad idea!

Well I am off to find socks as my toes are now blue.

"The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again"
-Charles Dickens

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  1. Its cold here in California too! But definitely no snow haha.

    Congrats!! I have given you a blog award. Come to my blog and check it out!