Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What a sad sad day....

Cece is MOVING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't think I need to explain how excited I am! But my word was it hard to hide my excitement every time I saw a set of bags waiting to be carried out.

In true Cece nature the whole moving out process has been dragged out over a span of like 2 weeks. What would normally take a person 1 day to move some how has taken her 2 weeks. Whatever, she's still gone and I am as happy as could be. Unfortunately though she really is a piece of work and managed to piss CB off one last time before she left. As I've bitched about before, the girl doesn't pay for anything. CB simply asked her for 150$ to cover the last few bills, which is more than fair seeing as how really she owes WAY more than that. What did the lovely Cece respond? "Well it's not like you need my money, you make way more than can afford the bills." Okay so it's not a direct quote but that was the just of her response. WTF?
What difference does it make how much he makes? Did you not live here for 8 months? Did you not run up the rogers bill and not pay it? Did you not benefit in a million other ways from his kindness and get him to pay for things he didn't need to?
UGH so happy she is gone.

Well she pulled one last stunt that I have to blog about because it's simply hilarious. I guess she was the last one to buy toilet paper, CB and I didn't notice. We came home one night from stuffing our faces at a friend of the family and poor CB has to run to the washroom....To find no toilet paper.... ANYWHERE! She literally left like 4 squares in the entire house.

Well that's more than enough about her.

As for the rest of what's been going on....
I wrote my finals, waiting for the results. No summer school.... I'm already lost.
There is a new girl moving into the spare bedroom, we found her online and funny enough she knows one of the girls I work with very well so that's comforting. I'll post more about her later because the whole "interview a roommate from Kijiji" was something special lol.
I'm still waiting to be promoted at work but it looks like it's in the works.
CB is back at work and I am back at my moms house. Spent my first night alone last night, have I mentioned that I love my bed?
CB's tour buddy spent like the entire leave with us....I definitely have some bitching to do about him.
CB and I went to look at houses for fun, there was talk about our future.
Wow I really have a lot to write about....

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