Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sir Talksalot, my boyfriend's new boyfriend

Out with Cece and in with Sir Talksalot!
Sir Talksalot is CB's tour buddy I mentioned earlier, they've been together for 2 tours now and are really close. Overall he is a great guy and means well but I still have some major concerns about him.

First off he spent like almost his entire leave with us.... Not a fan. CB and I were really restricted.
Before I completely start bitching about him I should clarify that I do understand he didn't want to spend him time alone on base, especially since him and his common law wife split up on tour and she's seeing another soldier. BUT I should also add he isn't completely innocent as he was "courting" a female soldier while they were away and has another girl out here where I am. Needless to say he is a mess, I understand him not wanting to be alone, but I hate that he uses CB's place as room by the hour.

He hangs out all day waiting for her to come over after work, so we are left entertaining him or not entertaining ourselves..., then she shows up super late... we all fake small talk for a little till it's time for bed and then go our separate ways. By the time we are up in the morning she is long gone and we again are stuck with Sir Talksalot while he sits around and wastes time to see if she will be able to come over again that night or not.

The upside to Sir Talksalot is that he keeps CB company while I'm at work, the downside...he doesn't SHUT UP! CB loves it because he isn't a talker, I hate it because he talks in circles and changes his mind every 4 seconds. He will talk real estate all day if you let him and if you don't then he switches to the "poor me, I love my wife but I like my new playmate too". He's literally telling me how he wants to fly the common law wife to Hawaii to purpose and as soon as he finishes that sentence he starts telling me how amazing and how much he likes the new girl. And the whole time all I can think is "hmmm, I wonder how much damage a plastic fork would do if I stuck it in my own eye to get out of this converstation? Fuck, he'd probably just tag along in the ambulance."

The reason I'm annoyed about him at the moment is I just got off the phone with CB and it turns out the 2 men have decided they are both coming down together to stay at CB's for the whole weekend and all 4 of us will watch the fight this weekend together like a nice big double date. Yay...?? I told CB to please only have him come in on Sunday as I would like to spend at least SOME time alone with him.

My other issue with this whole thing is, there is a new tenant moving in on Sunday. CB and Sir Talksalot need to realize that 1) he wont have the spare room to pimp out anymore, 2) the new tenant is not going to enjoy waking up and seeing another couple on the sofa every weekend, and finally 3) I'm not crazy about Sir Talksalot! 

If I were the new tenant and I was told the living arrangements were suppose to be one way and all of a sudden you spring another couple on me, I'd bolt! And she can, she's only signing a month to month lease. I feel bad because I realize this will make it harder for Sir Talksalot and the girl but CB and I have enough things to worry about before I can start worrying about someone else's booty call.

The upside of the boys new found relationship is Sir Talksalot is teach CB a lot about repairs as they are both doing projects around Sir Talksalot's place. CB will be handy in no time lol.

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