Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Little Liar

There is a promotion up for grabs in my department at work, there are a ton of us applying. Keep your fingers crossed for me please.

I've never had to send the company and bosses I already work for my resume AGAIN. It just seems weird to be all extra formal with people I was just joking around with the other day but oh well lol.

So this weekend is going to be a nice change for me, CB and I are staying at my place!!! I finally get to have all the clothes, hair stuff, and make up I want, when I want, where I want!!!! He gets to be the one living out of a bag for the weekend, not that that is anything new for him lol. Anyways I'm thrilled.

I could have killed CB today though.... He told me he was quitting smoking so to support him I told him I would the day after him. So today I did not smoke AT ALL. I spent the whole day at work suffering but made it through successfully. UNTIL he called me after dinner. I told him how well I was doing and asked how he was doing and he nonchalantly responded fine. Suddenly it hit me, in the last 48 hours he hadn't said he was struggling once  and wasn't even the slight bit moody like the last time he tried to I asked him if he had been dipping, which is when he broke out into laughter. I started laughing and cursing him instantly. He never quit, he spent 2 hours nicotine free, thats it! He had been dipping since he left Monday. That ass! Anyways we were both laughing so hard I had mascara running down my face. Good times, I lite a cigarette right away. FML


  1. My husband did the same thing... said he would quit smoking, then I noticed him dipping instead. lol. Boys are such cheaters.

  2. Major cheaters! Now he has changed his mind hes not going to dip anymore....just smoke occasionally... lol