Tuesday, March 8, 2011

FML she is clueless!!

So I just had a lovely facebook chat with the lovely Cece.....Can you guess who wants to pull their own hair out? That's right! ME!!!!!!

The conversation starts off with her grilling me for every little detail about the homecoming time, date, place etc...
I replied with just the basics. I don't need her inviting everyone(their friends) and her mother from back home to greet him, because I think we all know at this point she would. If you aren't convinced of that fact just yet WAIT.

So after dodging her questions about that, I asked her if we were still on for the night before his arrival. We have plans to clean the whole place before he gets home. My main focus is getting the random stranger germs out of his bed. God knows how many people she let sleep in there, let alone who. That part of our conversation turned into her asking me to sleep over..... Awkward.....
Maybe she thinks I'll leave with out her on the day off? LOL I wouldn't do that....tempting but I couldn't. Anyways I tried to politely decline and she wouldn't have it. She doesn't seem to understand that sleeping in my boyfriends empty bed does not excite me. Apparently I should be too excited to care that his side is still empty among many other things.
Oh well, it was a nice gesture I guess....

Well this is the BEST part of our entire conversation.
"So what are we going to do for dinner that night? Are we going to go out and party?"
She's talking about homecoming night.....
WTF.....Hello??? Do you have a brain?
First of all planning dinner seems pointless. We have no idea how long we could end up waiting for him, we have no idea if he'll have already eaten, he could be exhausted from traveling, and lets not forget the whole jet lag thing, he's internal clock is going to be far ahead of ours. I figured fast food or a restaurant was going to be my solution to dinner.
Second of all WE??? She has no intention of leaving, obviously. This means when CB hints to her to kindly get the F out, she'll have made no plans to go anywhere...
Third WE????? Seriously??? WE???? We are not a manage a trois.

I have to sit back and think... would I be this stupid if I were her? Would I not know any better? All signs point to no. I get that they have been best friends since forever, honestly I do. I want them to have their time together, but she already ruined my last night with him....can't she at least let me have the homecoming I want?


  1. If I were in your shoes, I would literally just say, "We're planning on banging for hours on end. Partying sounds great, but we really just aren't going to have the time."

    Because obviously all the subtle hints in the world aren't getting through.

  2. I really think it's going to have to come down to being that blunt and thank you for making me LOL