Monday, March 7, 2011

I hate the news! But I love my boyfriend

Why do I hate the news? because it is full of BAD news!
I got into work today only to be informed by a coworker, who is a reenlisting  army guy that covers for me when i ball at work cause a soldier came in, that there was a very bad article published last week. Basically there is a  chance CB will be redeployed.
I hate that I can't say more but that article hit really close to home, I recognized a few too many things said in it. My biggest fear is that 1) he wont even make it home or 2) he'll have to go.

I get it, this is what he does, this is what's to be expected. But WHY couldn't I just continue on blissfully unaware of this article? Why did I have to have a mini panic attack at work? Why do I have to concern myself with this now, when he is so close to being home????

Anyways the rational side of me is saying it's just an article, I've gotten no news that there are any changes in homecoming so the article can kiss my ass. It's just words on a paper, and until it's words from CB's mouth its just an unnecessary stress.

Now for the good news, that did not come from the TV or paper, but CB's mouth.
He has the same concerns I do about Cece! He's all down for her coming to pick him up with me so that when he asks her to leave for the night, it's not rude. Muahahaha
He thought she would be on spring break and heading back home.  Oh no no no, that would be TOO easy. When I explained that he was arriving once her spring break was finished, he cursed.
"Well, have you spoken to her? Does she have plans for that night? Is she staying out?"
Why? because when I said probably not, he replied he would take care of it and ask her to leave for the night.
Hopefully it doesn't come to that and I am giving her less credit than she deserves. Hopefully she'll understand and take a hike all on her own. But my life doesn't work out that way, nothing is ever simple or easy. With my luck she'll try and crawl into bed with us to spoon because she had a nightmare or just missed him too much.

I told him if she didn't leave for a few hours I was going to make sure she wished she had. I will prance around that house in my sexiest lingerie, scream and moan until even the neighbors have had enough, rinse, lather and repeat. I also warned him not to tell me to be "polite" with the noise level if she does hang around, polite and 6 months of pent up sexual frustration.....just not going to happen, I don't think I need to explain that to any of you ladies.

BTW I am officially addicted to Army Wives and can't wait to watch Homecomings online since I missed it. I heard it was pretty emotional. I can't wait to see it.... I think.

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  1. I cried watching the homecoming made me bawl like a baby.