Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bad Blogger

I haven't blogged in forever....It's been really hard trying to find a balance between CB, school, work, and well everything else. I can't say blogging has been a priority of mine lately! There is way too much time lost to catch up with CB that blogging has just lost it's importance to me.

When he first came home it was weird and took us about a week and a half to adjust to being back together but once he took me out on a date just the two of us things fell back right to where they were before he left. I think we are better now than we were before. We are openly talking about our future together and the things we'd like. He even offered me a key to the house but I declined. I really have no need for one since I'm only here when he is. What I do need though, is some closet space lol!!! Living out of a bag SUCKS! You can never pack enough clothes, hair stuff, and shoes into one small lulu lemon bag!!! I swear I would need a suitcase lol.

CB has given up the idea of moving back to base to live in the shacks and I am incredibly happy about that. He has discovered some real estate some where else in Canada that looks rather promising so I am very happy about that as it means he will be staying in the house here and continuing to come home on weekends. YAY :)

For once I don't really have anything to whine about.... Well I do but it's only a possibility and I'll save that for when it becomes more of a reality, if it ever does.

Oh and on a side note, CB's neighbors are having a full out war! The cops are here all the time. There is dog poop and city pillions being left on door steps, knocking on walls at all hours of the night, cameras being put up to watch each other, and it is finally ending in an eviction this friday. The worst part is, the one doing all the tormenting is a 35 year old father of a 3 month old baby. And who is he tormenting? A retired married couple who are so sweet and friendly. I don't get it. We had to give a statement last night and the cops hit the man with a 400$ fine. They warned us that he may get more annoying afterwards and up until his eviction on friday. They weren't kidding, after he got the fine last night the banging on the walls intensified.
What I don't get is how his baby sleeps through all this noise he is making?? You never hear her cry....

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