Thursday, March 10, 2011

Would You?

Take a job that involves shift work within the hours of 4am to 2am for only a 50 cent raise?
I am due to call back the airline for my preliminary interview this morning but for some reason I can't convince myself I want to do this. It's a great opportunity, it's a more "grown up" job like I wanted but the possible hours? EWWW.
Yes, there would be travel benefits but 50cents extra an hour and a discount on traveling.... isn't really going to get me anywhere... I couldn't justify paying for a vacation with all the debt I have.
I know what this is, in reality I'm scared. I am comfortable at Ikea and the possibility of getting prompted there should be more than enough to keep me satisfied there.
I am still going to force myself to do the phone interview today, who knows. Right?
What would you do?
I don't want to waste the ladies time


  1. I wouldn't do the airport thing. My friend worked customer service at TIA and he HATED IT! He told me over and over that the pay was not worth the people yelling at him and calling him names. I would see what IKEA has to offer.

  2. Ashley's right. The airport has some of the most angry, stressed-out clients.

    BUT - I would still do the interview. You never know, they might really like you. Like you enough to give you more than just a $.50 hike in your pay.

    And no interview is a waste of time.