Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs

So since I don't see being a cashier at Ikea as a real "grown up" job appropriate for a 24 year old I have been passively sending out my resume online. I really didn't think much would come from it, most of the jobs I applied for I really didn't think I was fully qualified for.

Well yesterday at work my manager took me aside and asked me if I planned on staying with Ikea for a while, I politely told her yes and said it worked well with school. She basically told me that she had me in mind for a promotion but the position wasn't available just yet and she would keep me posted. I would still have to go through an interview and compete with whoever else applies but I'm sure I would do just fine.

Then today I got a phone call from an airline to be a customer service representative. She wanted to interview me right on the spot, I wasn't prepared and was rather caught of guard so  I asked if tomorrow would be alright and she readily agreed. I was not expecting to hear from them, especially not this quickly. I applied out of boredom.... Not that I wouldn't want the job.

Well I figure it doesn't hurt to do the preliminary interview and get a few questions answered, like pay and hours. I wonder if this would fit well with school... 

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