Thursday, March 3, 2011

It takes 3 to tango

What did I do??? Everything was going perfectly and then I got involved.
CB had asked that I be the only one to pick him up, agreed to tell Cece she shouldn't come, and everything was settled... I was worried, obviously but he was taking care of it and I didn't let on just how worried I was about her reaction to him telling her to stay home.

If you all remember, before he could get around to telling her she "cornered" me on facebook for details about his arrival dates. This is where it gets a little tricky. I had already told CB's brother the date, the two of us had conspired together to surprise CB by having his little brother waiting for him at home, or to show up within the next few days. Because I had already told him the date, lets call him Steve, and Steve and Cece do talk from time to time, panic set in. I realized I couldn't lie to her, just in case, and so I told Cece the arrival date.

Well after I had the nightmare and posted about it on here, I spoke to CB maybe an hour later. I ended up telling him my concerns of how she would react and so on. I made sure to express to him that all I wanted for his homecoming was it to be exactly what he wanted. He then asked if I really thought she would be upset if he "uninvited" her and I told him I don't know, he knows her the best. After a bit of back and forth he decided he was really indifferent on the matter and to just let her come, he also rationalized that I'd probably need the help finding the place. So we left it at that.

Fast-forward to a couple of hours later.....

There I am sitting around thinking of just how awkward it's going to be, just the 3 of us.
-She's going to have to watch us make out
-She may run to him first
-The car ride home is awkward no matter who drives, and this is where I get childish....Brace yourselves

If I drive...the issue is my car. It's a small 2 door and my backseats barely fit me. I'm 5'2 and 110, she's 6' and considerably bigger, he's 6' and also a lot bigger. How they're going to arrange the seats for everyone to fit, I have no clue. But this is my optimal plan.

If she drives....I get stuck in the backseat, alone. I warned you I was going to get childish. Which means they will be in the front, speaking french and I wont understand everything. Which results in me feeling left out.

So what did I do? I am probably driving CB crazy is what. I fired him off a little e-mail to again explain I wanted his homecoming to be just the way he wants it but that I also would like to be selfish and have him to myself. I explained that after thinking about it, a 3some would be a little awkward.

My mom is cute, she offered to come with us if Cece is coming, and force her to drive back in her car. I told her if it came down to that, and Cece was that oblivious, I would just ride home with my mom and let her have her way. I'd make her pay for it later once the 3 of us were home.

I swear on my blog, if that woman does not give us any privacy or space I will make it so damn uncomfortable for her that she will be running to the library or back home to her parents for some peace and quiet!!!

Seriously, that is my other big worry. Sex. Do you really think either of us are going to want to sit around and make pleasant talk the second we get home? What is she going to do? Sit downstairs and wait for us to finish? If she does, does that mean I have to be polite and keep the noise level down?
Why can't she just realize how awkward this is all going to be? Why can't she offer to make herself scare? That's half the reason I wanted Steve to come down. If I know Cece isn't planning on going anywhere at least her and Steve can venture out together or keep each other company while I steal CB for some much needed alone time.

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